Approved in 24 hours!

We have a 90% Approval rate

You don't need to have perfect credit

We'll get you approved quickly and easily

You don't need to process credit cards

Apply for a cash advance now

How It Works

The process is very simple, and most of our clients receive their funds in less than a week!

  1. Fill out the short online form, or call, so we can discuss your financing request.
  2. One of our specialists will contact you to find out more about your business, and give you an estimate of how much you will qualify for (up to 300% of your monthly credit card volume!)
  3. We will collect some additional data from a 1-page application along with 4 months credit card processing statements (bank statement if you do not accept credit cards).
  4. Within 24 hours an approval will be generated for you!
  5. After you decide how much money you would like to receive, underwriting will complete their analysis and set up the split funding with your credit card processor (You DO NOT need to change credit card processors!).
  6. Get the money wired into your bank account (funding usually happens in as little as 72 hours after receiving all required information)!
  7. A small percentage of your credit card processing is taken each day to repay the advance. We get paid as you get paid, so you never have to come up with a payment that you cannot afford to make!

Fill out the form right away to get the process started!

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