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Don’t let a rejection from your local Bank stop you from growing your business. Lenox Lending says “YES” and can get you the money you need fast! Just fill out the simple form or call to speak to one of our agents, so we can tell you how much you qualify for right away!

Lenox Lending is dedicated to providing business owners with the immediate money they need, and keeping the financing process fast and simple. With traditional bank loans and government programs (SBA, USDA) becoming so stringent and difficult to obtain, and the process often dragging on for up to a year or more, good businesses can’t get access to the capital they need.

We have solved this problem with a program that allows you to get the money you need, almost immediately. Small business owners typically receive the fast cash they need in less than one week. That’s putting money into your pocket fast!

Fast financing is essential for business to thrive and grow, and sometimes necessary to endure rough times. Small business is the heart of our economy, and Lenox Lending is committed to keeping the flow of fast money available for the immediate financial needs that small business owners often face, whatever it may be.

We realize that small business owners often utilize their personal finances for their business, and that this can cause low or bad credit scores. What makes our programs so attractive is that damaged credit is not an obstacle for our financing programs.

Also, the business financing that we offer requires no collateral, so your business or personal real estate is never involved in the loan transaction, keeping all of your assets safe. We also place no restrictions on funds you obtain, so you keep all of the control to do exactly what you need with the money you obtain.

Please fill out the simple form or call directly to learn more about our programs, and find out how much you qualify for right now! You could have that cash in hand faster than you ever imagined with Lenox Lending.

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